Interesting photos from all over the world

Photos taken at different times in different places by completely different people, but equally interesting, capturing all the most amazing and unusual. In these pictures, reality turns out to be cooler than Photoshop.

These natural spherical boulders are found in New Zealand. They are known as Moeraki boulders. It is likely that the Moeraki boulders first formed from the silt of the seabed more than 56 million years ago, during the Paleocene.

A rainbow at sunset looks like a giant planet

Unusual pattern on a palm branch

Ford executives select 1953 vehicle colors from 76 scale models

Unusual rectangular iceberg discovered in Antarctica in 2018

Enlarged shot of a spider’s paw

Roman columns in a supermarket in Split, Croatia

When the foxes found small penguins on a small Australian island, they almost wiped out the entire colony. Then a chicken farmer sent his dogs to protect the birds. Since then, the penguin population has increased and recovered significantly.

Mosaic after flooding in the ancient Greek city of Zeugma

Albino beagle puppy

Ever seen a peacock in flight?

There is a tiny monument on the moon called The Fallen Astronaut, as well as a plaque with the names of 8 American astronauts and 6 Soviet cosmonauts who died during space flights.

Utah Rainbow Mountains

Huacachina is one of the few real oases in the deserts of South America (Chile)

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